The benefits of yoga for women

Yoga has long been recognized as a helpful exercise to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. To balance the body, mind, and spirit, more people are turning to yoga’s blend of breathing, postures, and meditation. Following a more than 5,000-year-old tradition, more than 36 million people in the US already practice yoga! And the numbers are increasing as people of all ages become aware of the emotional, mental, and physical advantages of yoga.

It’s interesting to note that more than two thirds of American yoga practitioners are female (source: Yoga Journal). Women are more likely than males to do yoga, although the reasons for this are unknown. Most women who practice yoga report that it helps them feel entire, present, and at peace. Additionally, it aids in their increased flexibility, better balance, muscular toning, and even weight loss.

Yoga for every stage of a woman’s life

Yoga may be performed at any stage of life, which is one of its distinctive features that sets it apart from other physical activities. Yoga provides chances to focus on both the mind and the body for people of all ages, from young children to seniors. Even during pregnancy, yoga may offer special advantages including muscular strengthening, increased flexibility, and increased stamina—all of which are excellent preparation for childbirth and motherhood. Yoga can help you gain core stability, shed extra pounds, and get tighter and toned after giving birth. Numerous yoga classes are available at the Northwell Health Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, including ones for new students, expectant mothers, people recovering from surgery or an injury, and people with heart conditions or other illnesses that prevent them from engaging in physical activity.

According to Lisa Bondy, director of yoga at the Northwell Health Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine, “yoga helps us go through a range of toxicities, including overeating, interpersonal issues, rage, and anxiety.” It’s a practice that gives us the power to grow consciousness, which inspires us to stay true to ourselves and progress toward the person we genuinely want to be.

Gain the benefits of yoga

Yoga should be performed often with a qualified teacher to get the maximum advantages and to avoid harm. Experience and certification as a teacher are required. Start with a beginner’s class and don’t allow your lack of flexibility or athleticism stop you. Yoga is not an athletic event. Instead, it’s an art form, a science, a way of life, and a philosophy, and it ought to be a method for you to learn more about yourself. And you have your entire life to perfect postures. The objective is to breathe and recognize the benefits of your yoga practice for your body, mind, and soul.

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